Creating value for stakeholders

The Company believes its sustainable growth is contingent on the well-being of communities across its footprint. In pursuance of its strategic goals, Gazprom Neft seeks to create value for all stakeholders at each stage of its operations.

Values Measures 2018 highlights
Shareholders and investors
  • Sustainable increase in the Company’s market value
  • High dividend yield
  • Ongoing communications with investors, shareholders and analysts to support a fair price of the Company’s securities
  • Strengthening of the corporate governance and risk management frameworks
  • Equitable dividend policy
  • Information transparency in covering the progress of the Company’s development strategy
  • Respect for minority shareholder rights
  • Fair price of stock: price per share as at 29 December 2018 at ₽ 346.7 (up 43% vs the beginning of the year), with rouble-denominated price reaching an all-time high by the year-end
  • Dividend payout at 35% of Gazprom Neft’s 9M 2018 consolidated IFRS financial result
  • Total shareholder return of 53%
Consumers and customers
    Stable supply of eco-friendly petroleum products with a high consumer appeal
  • Developing and manufacturing products with enhanced consumer and environmental features
  • Expanding direct sales to corporate customers through the Company’s own distribution network
  • Expanding Gazprom Neft’s retail network and developing the loyalty programme
  • Partnerships with leading petroleum product consumers
  • Increasing the efficiency of sales channels through business process digitalisation and enhanced communications with customers and counterparties
  • All gasolines compliant with Euro-5 emission standards
  • Best in Russia sales per filling station at 20.7 tonnes per day
  • NPS index at 59 points
  • 11.1 million participants of the filling station loyalty programme
  • A reliable and attractive employer brand
  • A wide range of professional growth opportunities
  • Competitive remuneration package
  • Social support of employees
  • Opportunities for self-fulfilment and participation in interesting projects
  • Evolving recruitment and retention framework and a distinctive employer value proposition
  • Talent pool, competency and training development
  • Continuously improving incentive system
  • Employee engagement and teamwork
  • Robust performance
  • Stronger HR effectiveness
  • Winner of the international Randstad Award 2018 as the most attractive employer in the fuel and energy sector and No. 1 Employer of Choice according to HeadHunter
  • Staff turnover at 12.9%, down 2.2 pp y-o-y
  • Average monthly salary at ₽ 122,600, up 8% y-o-y
  • LTIF down by 21% y-o-y
Society and local communities
  • Support of local manufacturers and suppliers
  • Tax payments to local budgets
  • Creating jobs
  • Environment
  • Improving quality of life in the regions of operation
  • Enhancement of the social commitment and entrepreneurship of local communities
  • Massively contributing to tax revenues for local budgets
  • Facilitating the development of social infrastructure
  • Creating highly efficient jobs
  • Boosting environmental safety and preserving biodiversity through dedicated programmes
  • Strengthening the HSE system
  • Improving energy efficiency of operations
  • Implementing social initiatives
  • Gazprom Neft – one of the largest taxpayers across its footprint
  • Russian companies making up 98% of the Company’s suppliers
  • Home Towns social investment programme winning two Leaders of Corporate Charity awards
  • Water consumption down by 14%
  • Energy security
  • Taxes
  • Technological advance of the Russian oil and gas industry
  • Stable production growth and efficient oil refining with a broad petroleum product sales network
  • Russia’s first major offshore project ongoing at the Prirazlomnaya platform and the comprehensive development of the country’s Arctic Shelf
  • Developing a centre of technology excellence to promote substitution of foreign technologies
  • 18.7 mt of oil exports
  • Over ₽ 800 bn of tax payments
  • Launch of the Bazhen Technology Centre, a platform to test technologies to develop the Bazhenov Formation