Integrating UN sustainable development goals into the strategy

Gazprom Neft is strategically guided by sustainable development and corporate social responsibility principles and goals integrated into its business strategy, decision-making processes, and operations. Our sustainable development approaches and commitments hinge on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN in 2015 For the Company's objectives aligned with sustainable development goals and their achievement, see Appendix 2 hereto Map of material topics..

Key environmental programmes of Gazprom Neft
Our focus areas UN Our objectives
Financial and economic stability, production efficiency
  • Generating shareholder value, ROI, maximising value creation per barrel
  • Improving efficiency of value chain management
  • Digitalisation and an ongoing focus on innovations
Health and safety
  • Goal Zero: no harm to people, environment and property in working process
  • Lower workplace injury, accident and occupational disease rates, reduced environmental impact
  • Safe production
  • Reducing human impact and preserving the environment
  • Environmental safety of assets
  • Sustainable use, protection and restoration of natural resources, biodiversity conservation
  • Energy efficiency
Personnel development and support
  • Recruiting highly skilled talent for the Company's ongoing and future operations
  • Providing employees with competitive remuneration and benefits
  • Ensuring safe working conditions
  • Enhancing training and professional development systems
Contributing to the development of local communities
  • Supporting social infrastructure across our footprint
  • Nurturing local talent and promoting social commitment
  • Import substitution, stronger ties with local suppliers and technology partnerships
  • Ongoing dialogue with the stakeholders to achieve sustainability goals of local communities and society as a whole
Corporate governance
  • Developing a corporate governance framework compliant with best global practices to boost the Company’s efficiency and competitiveness
Respect for human rights and combating corruption
  • No violations of labour or human rights
  • Anti-corruption initiatives
  • Efficient management of risks related to corruption and violation of human rights