Regional Development Initiatives

Road quality improvement

Gazprom Neft introduces efficient solutions for transport infrastructure to construct high-quality and long-lasting roads. Under agreements with regional governments, the Company produces and supplies bitumens tailored to specific climatic and operational conditions of every region. In 2018, seven new regions joined the programme, namely St Petersburg, the Amur, Leningrad, Moscow and Rostov regions, and the Krasnodar and Primorye territories. The programme now encompasses 20 regions.

2018 FIFA World Cup

Gazprom Neft supplied bitumens to upgrade the roads in St Petersburg in the run-up to the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Company produced polymer modified asphalt cement and docking tapes that were used in the overhaul of the key transport facilities of St Petersburg, including Nevsky Prospect, roads leading to Saint Petersburg Stadium, Betancourt Bridge near Serny Island, etc. The cement is designed to fit the climate conditions of the North-Western region and the traffic.

Science and industry development

The Company promotes scientific and industrial development of the regions by supporting the industrial clusters. As part of the regional development strategy and a project to set up a petrochemical cluster, the Company continued the construction of the oil refining catalyst and needle coke production plant in the Omsk Region in 2018. This will be the first Russian plant to produce needle coke, a strategic material for the steel-making, nuclear, chemical and space industries.

The Company’s Technopark in the Omsk Region is a unique platform that focuses on the development and testing of digital solutions for software import substitution and industrial automation. Through the Technopark, the largest one east of the Urals, the Company contributes to the implementation of the Digital Economy in Russia government programme in Omsk. Using the Technopark establishment, Gazprom Neft awards grants to support promising initiatives and provides the young developers with computer workstations and expert assistance. The field tests of new solutions are performed at Omsk Refinery and other facilities of the Company. In 2018, the Company introduced a co-working space for the developers where they can join their efforts using the Technopark infrastructure.

Import substitution

“Import substitution of key digital transformation tools is only one step. We aim to get ahead of imports.”
Rustem Mufteev General Director of Avtomatika-Servis, the operating company of the TechnoPark

In accordance with its Innovative Development Programme, Gazprom Neft is committed to teaming up with partners that provide innovative solutions in the areas of the Company’s strategic interest. The Company steadily increases procurement share of Russia-made products, thus supporting the drive to create new products. The Company’s goals and targets in this area are in line with regions’ and the industry’s import substitution plans. Gazprom Neft and the governments of Tomsk and Tyumen regions signed a Roadmap on the Expanded Use of the Hi-Tech Products (including import substitutes) produced by the regional companies. By the end of the year, more than 85 companies from the Tyumen Region and over 30 companies from the Tomsk Region joined the Company’s supplier pool.

The Company implements the initiative to supply lubricants and technical fluids to regional utilities and industrial companies. Gazprom Neft produces import substitutes that both are better priced and meet the requirements of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers. The regional companies are also provided with technical and service assistance. With the Moscow and Amur regions and the Primorye Territory having joined in 2018, the regional governments participating in the programme totalled 17.