Management approaches

Gazprom Neft operates in 30 regionsExcluding the regions where the Company only sells its products. of Russia, six CIS and six non-CIS countries. As one of the largest Russian employers and taxpayers, Gazprom Neft contributes greatly to the development of regions across its geographies as an investor, supplier of quality petroleum products, buyer of import-substituting and high-tech products manufactured locally, initiator of and participant in environmental activities. In partnership with stakeholders, the Company implements a social investment programme called Home Towns.

share of the Company’s domestic suppliers
supplied by the Company’s road construction materials
social and economic partnership agreements
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of tax payments and customs duties in 2018
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of social investments in 2018
Key documents

Regional Policy Concept, Policy for Charity Work

Key principles of the regional policy

  • Ensuring environmental safety and minimising environmental impact;
  • cooperating with regional and municipal governments to encourage sustainable development of local communities and to improve the quality of life;
  • creating a competitive environment in regional labour markets;
  • facilitating a favourable financial, economic and legal climate for the Company’s operations;
  • fostering cooperation with stakeholders;
  • promoting information transparency for all stakeholders.

Key objective of social activities

Improving the quality of life across the Company’s regions of operation

Top executive responsible for the regional policy

Alexander Dybal, Member of the Management Board, Deputy CEO for Corporate Communications

Key stakeholders

Regional government agencies and municipal authorities, the Company’s employees and their families, local communities, shareholders and investors, non-profit and public organisations, suppliers, customers

Implementation structure of the regional policy

The Company plans and implements the regional policy in conjunction with the regional development objectives and programmes. We build Home Towns social project portfolio in collaboration with regional authorities, NGOs, local residents and our own employees. This helps us go beyond mere sponsorship to spearhead positive changes and channel our resources for tackling the most pressing issues.