Personnel training and development

Gazprom Neft's training and development system covers all of the Company's employees and contractors, as well as target groups of potential employees such as school and university students. The training programmes are aligned with the strategic goals of Gazprom Neft and factor in the results of managerial skills and professional expertise assessment.

The Company has its own Corporate University, an integrated knowledge management centre embracing the entire range of corporate training and development practices.

Corporate University model
Key highlights

  • Several thousand managers and experts from Gazprom Neft are involved in the University activities.
  • The in-house mentorship and public speaking training are on the upswing.
  • Every employee has opportunities for continuous professional development.
  • The University portal provides employees and contractors with seamless access to the knowledge pool of Gazprom Neft.
  • All training is practice oriented.

Key focus areas of the Corporate University

Vocational training

  • Upstream Faculty;
  • Downstream Faculty;
  • Faculty of Corporate Functions;
  • Faculty of Health, Safety, Environment and Operational Excellence;
  • Regional Sales Directorate.

Executive training

  • Faculty of Managerial and Cross-Corporate Competencies.

Digital training

“Today, a person’s way of thinking, mindset and awareness of his/her responsibilities matter more than professional skills. The person learns from the experience and changes behaviour accordingly. We leverage these trends in our corporate development programmes by creating a unique educational environment.”
Ilya Dementiev Corporate University President

Most notable projects of the Corporate University in 2018 included:

  • Study of turbidites, a dedicated programme developed as part of the Bolshaya Achimovka project designed to explore hard-to-recover oil reserves;
  • SciencEngineering, a cross-functional programme addressing complex engineering solutions and decisionmaking. The programme promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to training that enables a more profound and efficient analysis of comprehensive engineering solutions and establishment of local centres of excellence, which may function as in-house sources of expertise;
  • Industry 4.0 technologies course of lectures on business digitalisation developed in collaboration with the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology;
  • Listen, Future!, an open science and technology conference of the Downstream Faculty with 150 participants, including Gazprom Neft's professionals, employees of Russia’s major industry players, and partner universities;
  • Hearts & Minds, a dedicated offshore safety programme and additional training course for the members of a Professional emergency and rescue team with the participation of Andrey Legoshin, advisor to the Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation;
  • the first contest of test questions preparation for assessing professional competencies in the Downstream Division. The contestants reviewed over 2,300 tasks covering 109 competencies. The updated test base found application in the annual assessment of competencies to be further used for preparing personal development programmes;
  • designing (Digital) Coach, an online resource intended to help employees in managing their development by building a customised track;
  • rolling out the Agile Learning Space, an educational project created by the Regional Sales Directorate together with the Corporate University. The learning space has turned into a unique platform for experience and idea sharing both within the Company and in the industry as a whole. During the reporting year, over 1,500 employees and guests attended eight lectures on topics selected by the audience such as competencies of the future, new thinking paradigms, Company digitalisation, project management analytics, etc.;
  • training the participants of the Leaders of Russia competition — an open nationwide competition for the new generation of managers designed to build the country’s talent pool and provide gifted managers with a social mobility mechanism. In 2018, 1,200 mid-level managers submitted applications for participation, 37 of them were through to the semi-final, 11 reached the final and 6 became winners. Alexander Dyukov, Chairman of Gazprom Neft’s Management Board, was among the finalists’ mentors.
Training for the future

Since 2017, the Company has been operating a Corporate Talent Training Centre created from the Muravlenko Multidisciplinary College. The Centre has a functional simulator helping gain online “full immersion” experience in operating equipment and processes under various geological and technical conditions, in standard situations and in emergency. The simulator can also train and retrain employees in high-potential jobs associated with the development of the North and the Arctic. The new training centre and operation of the Muravlenko college-based Well Development and Operation laboratory enable a proactive approach to training as required by the region's innovative economy.

Corporate University

Through its innovative training model, Gazprom Neft has put in place a universal Company-wide educational environment, where every employee may be both a student and an expert.

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