Management approaches

Gazprom Neft’s HR Management Strategy for the period until 2020 covers all business units and supports the overall corporate strategy by recruiting highly skilled and motivated employees for the Company's ongoing and future operations.

In line with the above objectives, the HR strategy focuses on:

  • ongoing personnel recruitment and rotation;
  • talent pool management, competency development, and training;
  • development of an incentive system and engagement culture;
  • increasing labour productivity and organisational efficiency.

To meet the Company’s demand for highly skilled specialists in the regions of operation, Gazprom Neft deploys a variety of incentive and social support programmes for its personnel, provides its employees with training and development opportunities, and maintains a talent pool.

Gazprom Neft’s HR policy is fully aligned with the Constitution and Labour Code of the Russian Federation, while also taking due account of the international labour law principles set forth in conventions of the International Labour Organisation. This policy is reflected in a wide range of corporate documents of different levels (see the Personnel Management insert).

Personnel management

Key documents:

  • Corporate Code of Conduct;
  • HR Management Strategy;
  • General Agreement between the national associations of trade unions and employers and the Russian Government;
  • collective bargaining agreements and by-laws.

Key HR policy principles:

  • Safety. For the Company, occupational and environmental safety and the safety of local communities have priority over any kind of economic, technical or other considerations. Hence, Gazprom Neft seeks to provide a safe working environment for its employees and urges its partners to do the same.
  • Respect and non-discrimination. In the Company, all relations are based on mutual trust and respect. Gazprom Neft views each employee as a unique asset and appreciates all their opinions, as the diversity of talents, cultures, views, and experiences united by a common vision enable the Company to achieve ambitious goals;
  • Fair play. The Company is committed to high ethical standards and fair treatment of its employees;
  • Efficiency. In an attempt to maximise efficiency, the Company seeks to employ best-in-class professionals with a strong motivation and a clear sense of purpose.

Top executive responsible for the HR policy and control over respect of employee and human rights:

Alexander Dyukov, Gazprom Neft's CEO.

Key stakeholders:

the Company's employees and their families, shareholders.

HR management structure

Gazprom Neft guarantees equal rights for all of its employees and prohibits any discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, origin, age, beliefs, or any other reasons. The Company does not use child or forced labour. Gazprom Neft recognises the lawful right of its employees to establish, on a voluntary basis, associations to protect their rights and interests, including the right to form trade unions and join them.

The Company has a hotline to report corruption, fraud, and law violations. Any employee may access that hotline, including for anonymous reports. Every report is processed on a stand-alone basis. In 2018, investigations identified instances of unacceptable employee behaviour, with remedial actions taken to address the issue. There were no labour disputes with the employees.

Employer brand

The Company seeks to attract, engage, and retain the best available employees. Gazprom Neft has developed a distinctive employer value proposition that is based on the demands and expectations of the target audience and takes into account the Company's strategic objectives and competitive position in the industry. The value proposition is integrated into the management recruitment, onboarding and training processes. According to a survey conducted in 2018, over 75% of employees approve and support Gazprom Neft's value proposition and would readily recommend the Company as a good employer.

In 2018, Gazprom Neft’s status as one of the country’s leading employers was confirmed by the high scores in Russian and international rankings. Gazprom Neft came out on top of the international Randstad Award ranking leading the charge in the energy sector. Moreover, the Company was named No. 2 Best Employer and No. 1 Employer of Choice by HeadHunter in 2018, while also taking second place as the Most Attractive Employer for students majoring in engineering and natural sciences and third place as the Most Attractive Employer for students pursuing degrees in business and commerce in the Universum Top 100 Russia 2018 rating. To top it off, Gazprom Neft was the only oil company in the Top 15 employers most sought by IT students.

"Gazprom Neft's leading position among Russian employers demonstrates not only jobseekers’ traditional interest in the oil and gas industry, but also the Company’s ability to provide its employees with more than just decent working conditions and compensation. We offer exciting jobs and a wide range of opportunities to grow professionally while working on promising projects, and expect a strong talent pool to boost our technological leadership in the industry.”
Kirill Kravchenko Deputy CEO for Organisational Affairs at Gazprom Neft