Disclosure of information

A key principle of Gazprom Neft’s corporate governance is information transparency. Gazprom Neft accurately and promptly informs its stakeholders about significant events and aspects of its operations.

Accountability and financial transparency (with adjustments made for the Company’s concerns about the protection of trade secrets and other confidential data) play a pivotal role in Gazprom Neft's corporate governance system.

The Company’s website offers access to the latest news, financial and operating results, reports and other useful information, while also making available the documents on Gazprom Neft’s governance and control bodies, including the Charter, Regulation on the General Meeting of Shareholders, Regulation on the Board of Directors, Regulation on the Management Board, Regulation on the Chief Executive Officer, and Regulation on the Audit Commission.

To ensure equitable access to information for all stakeholders, the materials at Gazprom Neft’s official website are available in both Russian and English.

The main document governing information disclosure and exchange between the Company and its stakeholders is the Information Policy Regulation. Its key principles include impartiality, reliability, completeness and comparability of information, neutrality, regularity, consistency and timeliness of its disclosure, along with equal, unrestricted and easy accessibility of data for all stakeholders.

The Company is a regular winner of Russian and international disclosure contests. The Russian XX I Annual Report Competition organised by the Moscow Exchange and the RCB Media Group awarded Gazprom Neft first prize in four nominations. Gazprom Neft’s annual report for 2017 received the highest ranking among ₽ 200+ bn capitalisation companies and among oil and gas companies. It was also recognised for its communication effectiveness. Additionally, the Company was named best by information transparency on the corporate website and second by corporate governance disclosures.