Approaches to sustainability management

Sustainability management

Key documents:

  • Corporate Code of Conduct;
  • Corporate Governance Code;
  • Policies and other by-laws for each of the priority sustainable development areasInformation on key by-laws for each of the areas is available in the corresponding section.

Key principles:

  • Planning and implementing the Company’s strategy with due regard to stakeholders’ interests as well as the principles and priorities of present and future generations;
  • Creating value for stakeholders at each stage of the Company’s operations;
  • Balancing economic, environmental and social management.

Top executive responsible for the sustainability management:

Alexander Dyukov, Chairman of the Management Board and CEO

Key stakeholders:

  • shareholders, investors;
  • the Company’s employees;
  • federal and regional authorities in Russia;
  • local communities;
  • contractors, business partners;
  • the industry community in Russia and globally;
  • non-profit and public organisations.

Sustainability management structure

The Company’s management systems encompass all activities in this field and comply with international standards. Sustainability indicators are included in manager and employee KPIs.