Respect of human rights

The Company prohibits any discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, origin, age or other grounds, recognises the right of its employees to establish public associations and organisations to protect their rights and interests, and guarantees respect for the rights of indigenous minorities in the regions where it operates.

The Company complies with the human rights principles set out in:
  • the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, anti-corruption and environment;
  • the Universal Declaration of Human Rights;
  • the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work;
  • the Social Charter of the Russian Business adopted by the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP).

The Company defined human rights principles in the following fundamental by-laws:

  • Corporate Code of Conduct;
  • Anti-Fraud and Anti-Corruption Policy;
  • Health, Safety, Environment and Civil Defence Policy;
  • Regional Policy Concept;
  • Charity Policy;
  • Information Policy Regulation.

To implement these principles, the Company takes the following steps:

  • assumes obligations to observe human rights and includes relevant provisions in its by-laws;
  • assesses risks associated with observance of human rights and develops preventive measures;
  • maintains dialogue with the stakeholders on human rights issues;
  • develops feedback channels for the stakeholders to express relevant opinions or grievances;
  • monitors observance of human rights by its employees and contractors.
The Company has:
  • the Corporate Culture and Ethics Working Committee comprised of members of the Management Board and chaired by the Company's CEO;
  • the hotline to report corruption, fraud, and violations of laws and Corporate Code of Conduct;
  • an office for the investigation of reports received through the hotline of the Internal Audit Department (part of the Internal Audit and Risk Management Directorate).

The hotline is open for anyone to report violations, including anonymously. Every report is processed on a case-by-case basis, with comprehensive and unbiased investigations launched to take effective decisions and provide feedback.

To investigate every message, the Company engages experts from various units, including HR, legal, health and safety. The Company encourages its employees and partners to use the hotline and makes sure they know about various communication channels. At the moment, these channels include an online form on the corporate website, email, phone, and suggestion boxes. The Board of Directors reviews the results of hotline operation, including the statistics on messages received and processed, and violations subsequently identified, on an ongoing basis.