Oil refining

Refining volume (mt)
Source: Company data

Following the completion of upgrades and capital repairs at the Russian refineries of the Group in 2017, the volume of oil refined in 2018 increased by 7.0%. In 2018, the Company continued implementing the second phase of its environmental compliance and technology upgrade programme. It pursues strategic goals in oil refining and aims to increase oil conversion to 99% by 2025.

The year 2018 saw a sizeable growth in the output of light petroleum products (gasolines, diesel fuel, jet fuel and naphta).

A 14% increase in bitumen production was associated with rising domestic demand and export growth.

Production breakdown by oil product (mt)
Source: Company data

“The ongoing operational efficiency improvement at refineries is a meaningful effect of the programme to upgrade refining capacities. When the second stage of the programme is completed, Omsk and Moscow refineries will additionally enhance the conversion rate and increase the yield of light petroleum products while reducing their environmental footprint.”

Anatoly Cherner Deputy CEO for Logistics, Refining and Sales Gazprom Neft